You Just Gotta Wanna

by Lee Buford on October 19, 2011

My friend Kim recently shared the following on her Facebook page:

“I just heard the flight attendant ask the soldier behind me if he would like to sit in first class. A fellow passenger wanted to give him his seat as a thank you for serving our country. WOW! Yet another example of small acts of kindness making a difference . . .”

How neat is that? Encouraging. Inspiring. Good stuff!

We all have the opportunity to love and serve others on a daily basis…the chance to make a difference to someone else who may just need it more than you know.

Maybe it’s a compliment or a word of encouragement. Maybe it’s buying them a meal or a book. Maybe it’s a simple phone call or just taking the time to listen. Maybe it’s your first-class seat on a plane. In most cases it doesn’t require much more than an eye for the opportunity and a willingness to act.

Love. Serve. Be a blessing. You can make a difference to someone today.

You just gotta wanna!


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