Will You Be Part of the Story?

by Lee Buford on July 7, 2010


I was excited to read about the upcoming plans for the launch of Soul City Church in Chicago a few months ago. Having just linked up with Renewal Church myself, I had been paying quite a bit more attention to church plants and praying for them as their various launch dates approached.

In fact I wrote  a post during that time, providing my thoughts on why church planting is important, especially as it related to my city. Scouring through my Twitter updates yesterday I came across one that immediately grabbed my attention…you guessed it, from @soulcitychurch. The tweet, accompanied by the attached link, simply read,

“Wanna know the Story Behind the Start?”

Of course, yes, I had to know the story! I encourage you to read the entire post, but I wanted to share a few key points therein which are often overlooked in regards to new churches. As Jarrett Stevens relays from a conversation with a friend, most of us have probably not spent a whole lot of time thinking about where churches come from…any of them. But they all start somewhere, and he lists the following as always playing a part:

  • People who prayed that church into existence
  • Friends from whom that church desperately mattered
  • Unbelievable and often unseen financial sacrifice
  • A movement of the Holy Spirit that prompted and pushed people into a Great Faith Adventure

Each of these points are on the money. Without such a church would never get off the ground, and the “rest of the story” would never be possible.

You can pray for or support Soul City Church in numerous ways…check out their site for more details. You can also pray for and support many other church plants in your own city and across the globe. All it takes is a desire to do so and the initiative required to step up take part in the mission. If it’s His mission it’s our mission too!

There’s only one question to answer…

Will you be part of the story?


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