Who Have You Given Up On?

by Lee Buford on April 19, 2010

Who have you given up on? Come on…there’s somebody, if you’ll just think about it for a minute.

Unfortunately, at one time or another, we’ve all given up on somebody. There are just some things you can’t get past…some sins or actions that there’s just no bouncing back from. There are “good” reasons, right? I mean, after all, there’s no way you could overlook “that”, no way God could use them after they’ve done “that.”

Maybe the person you’ve given up on is YOU. You’ve said and done some things that others couldn’t possibly forgive. In your mind there’s no way God Himself could ever forgive you for “this.” You can’t bear to face “such-n-such” again…ever! They couldn’t possibly forgive you either.

The good news:  All of that is nonsense! God can forgive…HE DOES FORGIVE!

The scriptures are filled with stories of God’s grace and the redemption of undeserving people. In fact, in many cases He uses the least likely characters through which to accomplish His purposes…the ones who you and I would’ve given up on a long time ago.

I think instantly of the apostle Paul, who is credited with much of the New Testament and for being the epitome of a missionary for God. But to understand the significance of how God used Paul, one has to go back and dig into Acts 9, to appreciate his conversion from Saul, one nobody but God would’ve considered worthy or capable of the things he did in the name of Christ.

So what is the catalyst for such change? Why does God forgive and use people we might see as “useless, worthless, or unreachable?” Very simply, it’s His grace…His amazing grace as we sing of it.

He forgives. He changes. He builds. He reconstructs. And He commands us to do the same!

So the question becomes, “Who have you given up on…that you now need to go back and invest in?”

Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to reach out to in love? Who do you need to encourage? Who do you need to reconcile with…to extend the same grace of God that has been extended to you?

Think on this. Act on this. Trust Him for this.

His grace is sufficient!


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