What Are You Really All About?

by Lee Buford on August 2, 2012

What are you really all about? What really matters? Those are two key questions we should all be asking ourselves daily.

Achieving the desired results is the ultimate goal of any endeavor in life, and therefore some means by which progress is measured is essential. But far too often we see folks that get hung up on the measuring stick and lose sight of the purpose and the things that truly matter. Such is the folly of immaturity, poor leadership, and a wayward tongue.

Not all things that can be counted actually count, and not all things that count can be counted.

It’s an important distinction…a distinction that truly matters.

What are we communicating to our teams, our families, our churches, or our followers? Do we consistently remind others of the greater purpose and mission at hand, or do we constantly rant about the numbers? Our ‘in-the-right-place’ hearts and good intentions mean little when accompanied by a voice that communicates something different.

It’s hard for others to buy the argument that we’re about more than the numbers if all we talk about are the numbers.

Don’t miss the implication here…it’s critical for all of us. It’s the old ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’ analogy.

After all, perception is reality, right?

What are you really all about?



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