What Are You Modeling?

by Lee Buford on May 17, 2011

Life in the 21st century is most-often extremely hectic, a fact that’s likely not newsworthy to you or anybody else. It’s the “master of the obvious” observation. You’ve probably read a story or two about it, and I’ve written about on this site.

But as is the case with such seemingly popular (unavoidable) topics or issues, there’s always another example, another story, or another solution being shared. Sometimes you run across one that really makes you think and, if you’re lucky, moves you to action. And action channeled in the right direction is one of the most crucial needs facing our families today.

Charles Green’s recent post is one such example, and if you’re willing to slow down long enough to read it (please do), I’m certain you will be convicted, inspired, and motivated to take inventory of how you’re spending your family time. You might even make a few changes.

The question we’re ultimately going to have to be accountable for is this:

What are we modeling for our families and, more specifically, our children?

What we’re modeling is what we value…what we consider important. We’re modeling our priorities. Period. And they’re different for all of us. What do you value? To what are you allocating your “free” time, energy, and money? What are you modeling? Television? Sports? Friends? Movies? Books?

Perhaps you’re modeling the importance of seemingly “good things”…running the kids to soccer practice, play dates, and any number of other extracurricular activities. All have their place, but are you ultimately just modeling busyness and “stuff”? Again, it’s a question for ALL of us.

On the flip side, are you modeling the importance of quality family time? Are you teaching your children to love God and the things God loves? Are you teaching your children that THEY are your priority?

If not, you should be. If not, it’s time to make some changes. You. Me. ALL of us.

You’ve thought about it before. You’ve seen the writing on the wall. But just maybe this will be the one time it sticks, the one time it makes a difference. Maybe this will be the time you truly answer with an open heart and a commitment to do whatever it takes to right the ship. Maybe this will be the question that changes the direction of your family forever, for the better.

What are you modeling?

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