“Welcome to Lucille’s Happy Restroom”

by Lee Buford on June 30, 2010

It’s always exciting to experience or hear about people who ooze passion in life. We certainly should acknowledge and celebrate such people more often than we do. Whether they be an employee at your local coffee shop, a teacher at your child’s school, or simply someone you bump into on the street, a person with passion and purpose is contagious.

Passion with purpose is especially encouraging when it relates to one’s faith and, more specifically, to one’s desire to share Christ in any situation. I heard a story of one such person this week, and there’s a lesson here for all of us.

A friend was flying to New York and back last week via the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. As she entered one of the women’s restrooms in the terminal in Charlotte she was greeted by passionate restroom attendant named Lucille:

“Welcome to Lucille’s happy restroom! You may not be happy coming in, but you’ll be happy going out!”

Now you might be thinking, “that’s nice…a lady who loves her job. Great. That’s nice.” In fact a lady walking out of the restroom stopped, and said to Lucille, “What makes you this happy?”. What transpired next is the reason this story, and Lucille, are so special:

“I’m this happy because Jesus lives in my heart,” Lucille explained. “Because of His grace and mercy He saved me, and I am this happy every day. You can be this happy too if you ask Him to live in your heart!”

You may have heard the phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted.” God commands us to be light in the darkness…to shine brightly so that others may see Him. And He commands us to do so wherever He has placed us at the present time. Lucille was doing exactly that…shining the light of Christ and sharing the Gospel where she was planted, right there in her “happy restroom.”

Needless to say her bold witness had an impact on my friend, who will undoubtedly go on to tell the story many times in an effort to encourage others to display a similar witness. My intent here is that Lucille’s story might encourage you as well.

Shine the light of Christ. Point to Him with boldness and assurance. Bloom where you’re planted.

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