We Need to Get Out of Our Comfort Zones

by Lee Buford on July 25, 2010

My comfort zone is great place to be…for me at least. I’m sure you are rather happy in yours as well. We all are, and we tend to migrate towards that special place whenever we get the chance.

In our comfort zones we find a unique peace of mind. We find it less stressful and more satisfying. It just feels better…hence the term “comfort” zone.

But is “feeling better” really better?

In many cases our desire to dwell in this place is costing us the opportunity to fulfill our purposes in life. We aren’t stretching ourselves to learn more, contribute more, and BE more.

Nobody ever achieved anything of consequence by standing complacent in their comfort zone. Taking chances is required. Being willing to fail is required. And most importantly, FAITH is required.

Without it there would be no motivation to live, serve, or love. Without God there is no comfort, no matter what zone you’re in.

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and stretch the boundaries of personal faith and accomplishment? Are you willing to trust God fully and seek to serve Him according to His purposes?

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