Warfield on the Divine Inspiration of Scripture

by Lee Buford on November 24, 2010

On the doctrine of the divine inspiration of Scripture…

The New Testament writers’ witness to the divine inspiration of Scripture is so pervasive that any attempt to explain away the doctrine by emptying this primary passage of its import is rendered futile.

Our Lord and his apostles looked upon the entire truthfulness and utter trustworthiness of that body of writings which they called “Scripture,” as so fully guaranteed by the inspiration of God, that they could appeal to them confidently in all their statements of whatever kind as absolutely true; adduce their deliverances on whatever subject with a simple “it is written,” as the end of all strife; and treat them generally in a manner which clearly exhibits that in their view “Scripture says” was equivalent to “God says.”

It is so pervasively evident that even the critics must acknowledge that Christ and his apostles understood Scripture as verbally inspired, and taught it accordingly.

(from The Theology of B.B. Warfield, by Fred Zaspel, p. 135)

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