Visibility is Essential

by Lee Buford on June 27, 2012

There are a lot of key aspects to effective leadership, and most of us are familiar with many of them. You’ve likely had the experience of following some great leaders, along with the good fortune of learning from a few bad ones (yes, fortune, because there’s much to learn from bad leaders). And in all cases, when you think back on the great leaders you’ve been around, one quality or characteristic is undeniable in each of them: he or she was visible.

Visibility is essential for leading well.

Some effective leaders are great hands-on coaches and mentors. Others are exceptional vision casters whose message and presence permeates all levels of an organization. Some are people you’ve never personally met, yet you choose to willingly follow at some level because something about them makes you better. While they may not always be physically visible, their message and influence is there to drive the mission at hand.

We see it in well-run organizations, from sports franchises to local churches. We see it in our schools and youth associations. Most importantly, we see it in our homes and families. Visibility is paramount at every level, and the closer you are to the playing field the more important it becomes (the physical visibility requirements of the CEO of Fortune 500 company are quite different from those of a parent at home).

Think about your own visibility in the lives of those you lead.

We all realize that it’s not possible to be everywhere…for everyone…at all times. But are you there for them when they need you, working alongside and coaching, in the critical situations? Have you casted a vision that propels your team to succeed in the right areas, even when you’re not physically there? Do you consistently reach out via phone or email to see how they are doing and what you can do to help? Have you created effective visibility through the tools and resources you’ve made available to your team?

Whether you’re actually (physically) there or not, your visibility is crucial. Do they know you’re there? Are you, your values, and your vision accessible enough to produce the desired results? If not, perhaps you need to be more visible to yourself.

Lead in the light. Be seen and heard. Others are counting on you.

Visibility is essential. Lead well.



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