Time: The Great Equalizer

by Lee Buford on March 1, 2013

“If only I had more time in the day!”

How often have you heard that? How often have you SAID that? Regretfully, we’ve grown accustomed to believing that we could accomplish more if we only had the time to do so. As a result we’ve come to see time (or our lack thereof) as the enemy . . . the great inhibitor of all our progress.

The reality is that time is NOT the great enemy we’d like to believe. In fact, what it is IS the great excuse!

Our biggest opposition to getting things accomplished is our own lack of discipline, prioritization, and consistency. The reality is that we could more proactive and focused. Our resolve and ‘stick-to-itiveness’ could be much better. We could do a lot more ‘doing’ and a lot less whining.

Time is the great constant . . . the great equalizer.

We’ve all got the same amount with which to work. Use it wisely. Invest it wisely. And don’t make excuses for your failure to do so.

Prioritize. Plan. Focus. Work . . . with relentless consistency. And hustle!

The clock is ticking. And you’ve got no excuses.


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