The Simplicity of Starting and Stopping

by Lee Buford on May 31, 2012

If you’re at all like me you tend to make things more complicated than they really are at times. Many of us think too much, over-analyze, and get bogged down in complex patterns of decision making, ultimately leading to frustration and failure.

The reality is that most things are much simpler than we make them. Most everything we can and should do simply boils down to starting and stopping, and looking at things through a more focused lens enables us to make better, more accurate decisions.

  • There are habits and activities we need to start doing. There are others we need to stop.
  • There are people we need to start spending more time with and others we need to stop spending time with.
  • There are books we should start reading and things we should pick up…others we should drop altogether.
  • There are places we should be going and places we should avoid.
  • There are even times when we need to stop “doing” and start “being”.

Chances are we already know the reasons why. We simply need to start or stop.

Starting and stopping will ultimately lead us to finishing, in one place or another. The right decisions relative to what and when to start and stop will bring us to the right place. Start and stop with the finish in mind. Start and stop to stay on course, to grow, and to love and serve others.

In many cases it really is that simple. We need to stop making it so complicated and start doing it…whatever IT is!

Our decisions will make a huge difference…for all of us.

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