The Power of Momentum

by Lee Buford on March 3, 2010

Momentum is an undeniable force…a catalyst for extraordinary achievement for those who leverage its amazing power.

But, how do you get momentum? How do you keep it? More importantly, how can you harness momentum to achieve your purposes?

This past October I had the privilege of attending The Catalyst Conference in Atlanta with my good friend and pastor, Chris Lewis. The speakers, and the conference in general, were outstanding! I have reflected many times on the things I heard and learned there, and yesterday I was reading through my notes from Dave Ramsey’s outstanding session on MOMENTUM.

If interested you can read more about his session in these excellent posts from Michael Hyatt and Kent Shaffer.

The key take-away I want to emphasize is Ramsey’s momentum theorem, and how you can leverage this to create momentum and harness God’s strength to accomplish His purposes in your life. Dave’s momentum theorem is this:

Focused intensity over time, multiplied by God, creates unstoppable momentum.


This leads me to the question… “What are you NOT doing right now that you want to, should be, or could be doing?”

Find your focus. Commit to it…with intensity! And don’t lose the focus.

Ramsey emphasized that we lose focus for two reasons: FEAR and GREED. Much has been written on both, and I won’t go into any detail here, except to point out that we must be aware “why” we are hesitant to take the first step. I would suggest to you that, not only do we lose focus for these reasons, often times we are paralyzed and incapable of even getting focused enough to start.

It is impossible to create, gain, or harness momentum without first taking a step in the direction of your purpose. Find your point of focus. Harness the unlimited power of God’s resources. Take that first step you’ve been avoiding.


Make a difference!


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