The Hardest Part

by Lee Buford on August 16, 2011

The hardest part in anything is the start.

The initial effort makes all the difference…the first move, step, or leap is what propels the whole deal, whatever the deal may be. You can spend hours, months, and even years planning and analyzing, but until you actually start you’ve got no chance to finish.

Maybe you want to open a business, read the entire Bible, or run a marathon. Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book or adopting a child. Perhaps you’ve got a relationship to mend or a new one to begin. Whatever it is, you’ve got to start.

How? Stop thinking and start doing!

Thoughts, plans, and analytics are great in the proper context, but if they mattered as much as action we’d all be batting a thousand on our New Year’s resolutions each year. How’s that going for you? Take a different approach today. Actually do something about that thing you’ve been meaning to do something about. Now.

Get the hardest part out of the way. Start!


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