The Game Is Not Played On Paper

by Lee Buford on November 1, 2010

We place a lot of stock in “on paper” value. Too much at times, and if we’re not careful what “should” be the case or outcome becomes our justification for lack of effort and ultimate disappointment.

We know who should win the game based on a variety of variables. On paper our team is clearly the best. But the game isn’t played on paper.

We want the latest gadget in the field of technology. The advertising promises unparalleled productivity and the best online experience we’ve ever had. But the effectiveness of this product won’t be determined until you unbox it and hit the power button.

The video trailer you saw for the latest Hollywood blockbuster or New York Times Bestseller promises an incredible viewing or reading experience. But you will walk away from the theater or the book with an opinion based on the totality of the content, not the promise on the front end.

It’s important that we remember the game is not played on paper. The experience and functionality of life and action dictates the wins and losses in reality, and that’s why the game is actually played.

Everything else is an opinion or a compilation of statistics, features, and specifications wrapped in a shiny package designed to influence and shape our opinions. We must be discerning in our choices and diligent in our application and effort.

Whatever your chosen endeavor, the game will be played…but not on paper. And it will be won or lost in reality, by the effectiveness of someone (or group) whose actual effort makes the difference.

That will all be revealed in the box score after the game, and that WILL be on paper.

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