The Decision vs. THE DECISION

by Lee Buford on July 8, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

We all make decisions every day…lots of them. Most are insignificant in nature in the “grand scheme” of things. Others, however, are a matter of life and death!

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I, along with millions of others, watched ESPN’s telecast of LeBron James’ announcement on where he would continue his professional basketball career. I’m not a LeBron fan or, for that matter, an NBA fan to speak of, but I tuned in to catch a glimpse of the hype machine at it’s best. After all, as ESPN so titled it, this was “THE DECISION.”

THE DECISON? Maybe for LeBron…maybe for today…maybe for his career; but make no mistake, this was not THE decision he or any of the rest of us will ultimately make.

THE DECISION for each of us will ultimately be in whom we choose to place our faith and trust. THE DECISION will be in whom we call “Lord and Savior.” THE DECISION will be for whom we live and serve.

And we won’t make these decisions on camera in front of a world-wide television audience.  We won’t have millions of fans sweating it out or gathering in the streets of major cities to celebrate our decision. No, our decisions will each come down to a private, spirit-led choice with an audience of One…the One…God Himself.

If you haven’t already done so, what decision will you make? For you, for all of eternity, this is THE DECISION.


It’s imperative that we each make the right one.


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