The Blessing of Today

by Lee Buford on July 28, 2014

Friends, God’s blessing is upon us today, regardless of our circumstances. To miss THAT in pursuit of a “better” tomorrow is to carelessly wager the known for the unknown…perhaps for the never to be known.

We are not promised tomorrow and, yes, wherever we find ourselves currently may just be “as good as it gets”. We can be certain, however, that by His ever-present grace “as good as it gets” is always more than enough. In Him our sufficiency is secure. In Him the hope of tomorrow finds its promise, and that truth should propel us to joyfully live, love, worship, and serve TODAY.

Far too many a man has missed today in pursuit of a tomorrow that never came. Lord, may we not be counted as such men and women, but may we be those who live each day in pursuit of the purpose for which you’ve created us.

May we be those who live each day in pursuit of You.

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