Stop Collecting Recipes

by Lee Buford on March 17, 2011

A lot of people collect recipes. They eat something somebody brought to the last get-together and decide quickly that they absolutely MUST have that recipe. After all, if they can just get their hands on the instructions the dessert can be duplicated, and thus the taste and experience can be repeated.

Somebody else has done the hard work and the blueprint is there for the taking. It’s a no-brainer….a proven winner!

But what happens when you get outside the box and change the recipe? What happens when you add new ingredients, new flavors, or a new twist to make it unique?

A whole new world of possibilities exists.

But you’ll never know if you don’t try. You’ll never discover what might be if you aren’t willing to take the chance. Somebody, somewhere, took the chance when they came up with that recipe you so desperately had to have. Why not you?

What is it you could do today if you’d just step outside the box and try something new? What could you create? Who’s lives could you impact? What difference could you make?

There’s nothing wrong with using proven recipes and formulas to do good work. But we need more. We need your input and your unique ability to do what only you were created to do.

Stop collecting recipes and start creating them. We need you!


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