Staring at Blurred Lines

by Lee Buford on July 27, 2010

There is a fine line between our needs and our wants, at least that’s how we see it. Sure, for the most part they are easily distinguishable, but we wrestle with the needs until we can justify the wants.

We need food…we want steak.
We need clothing…we want the hottest styles.
We need transportation…we want a luxury automobile.

You get the point. We want things we don’t necessarily need and, as a result, we see a line that’s quite a bit finer than it really is. Sometimes we justify our wants to the point where we don’t even see a line. At best the line is blurred. In fact, our personal desire is precisely what blurs the line.

And one other key point: blurred lines up the ante…blurred lines command premium prices!

Right now I’m looking at a blurred line. I want an iPad. I don’t need an iPad, I know that. But I REALLY, REALLY want an iPad. I could do so much with an iPad…it’s a such a productive “toy.”

I have thus far managed to avoid the peer pressure, the hype, and the purchase. But I’ve almost convinced myself that I NEEDthe iPad. I’ll let you know if I cave.

What about you…what blurred line are you staring at?

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