So You Really Wanna Be a Leader?

by Lee Buford on August 11, 2010

Leadership is an engaging topic of discussion for many these days. Many of us have a burning desire to get better, to be better, and to take others with us. Leadership is about influence at its very root.

Leadership is also very glamorized in today’s society. We read about great leaders, those to whom society thinks we should aspire to imitate. Such leaders, and their 7-step programs to success, are everywhere…just check look around you. Social media platforms, magazines, television programs, and book stores are filled with the latest “hot” leadership gurus and their can’t miss strategies for your personal growth needs.

Many of these leaders have a proven track record of delivering results. Others are wannabees. The successes and wins are paraded before you, but the reality is that great leaders are often successful because of things you don’t see in the headlines…the non-glamorous, stressful, gut wrenching decisions that are made against the grain of popularity. Lee Iacocca says it this way:

“To solve big problems you have to be willing to do unpopular things.”

I was reminded of this recently as I watched one such leader, a man who would not be regarded as anyone’s “buddy,” make a very difficult decision in his organization. He went against the grain, against the popular vote, but he made the decision anyway. He did what he thought was best for the organization, and he’s comfortable standing on that hill alone if necessary. Only time will tell if this, or any other such decision, is the right one. But a leader has to be willing to make the decision…regardless of the ultimate outcome.

Whether you’re a CEO, a pastor, a salesman, or a parent, you will at some point be required to take a stand for what YOU believe is right. In most cases, at least where the stakes are high, you will have many doubters, and that’s okay. That’s courage. That’s leadership.

“Successful leaders have the courage to take action while others hesitate.” – John Maxwell

So you really wanna be a leader? If so, be prepared to stand on some hills alone. Be prepared to go against the grain. It can be a lonely place to be. But be committed to making the decisions others aren’t willing to make. Be willing to lead.

Are you up to the challenge?

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