Silence the Noise

by Lee Buford on November 30, 2010

Noise is most often counter productive to getting things done. Unless you’re in a band or some other role where noise is unavoidable, chances are you find unwanted noise a distraction and a hindrance. If so, you’ve got to take some steps to lower the volume, reduce the noise, and find some peace and quiet.

Most of us would benefit from this in our relationships with Christ. Sure, we listen to sermons, attend church functions, listen to Christian music in the car, and even follow “good, Christian” people on Twitter and Facebook, all of which provide us with excellent material to help us know more about God, live better lives, and grow in the Word (or so we think).

But it’s still noise, human noise, and it leaves little time for God himself, especially when we need Him the most.

Frustration sets in and we become confused and overwhelmed. This quickly leads to more frustration, doubt and, inevitably, a sense of anger with God or, even worse, the thought that we don’t need him anyway. We must be reminded that God is not the author of this noise and confusion, and anything that takes us away from true, consistent fellowship with Him is ultimately not beneficial to us. It’s during times like these that we need to just silence the noise.

Refocus and commit to a quiet time alone with a notepad, a pen, the Bible, and the God of the Bible. Spend more time in prayer. Turn off the sermons, turn off the music, and stay away from the social media. Seek Him, first and only. He is the one who can and will revitalize the burdened heart and lowly spirit.

Only in Him can we find peace and quiet.

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