Seize the Day

by Lee Buford on May 26, 2011

We are an anxious society of goal-minded people, whether we realize it or not. Consider the beginning of any given week, day, or project… What is the focus? Generally we’re looking ahead to the end, the outcome, the finish.

For most, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. We can’t wait until “hump day” because we’re almost there. Then it’s T.G.I.F. and the celebration of the weekend’s arrival. We fight through tough, boring details of any given day, maniacally focused on the clock and whatever we’re looking forward to after the closing bell. For many, the daily grind is a dreaded means to an ultimately unfulfilling end.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s the lesson. Maybe that’s just what you need to hear today. Just maybe the goal is not ultimately the end but rather the journey. Maybe what you’re missing is everything in the middle.

The meat is in the middle of the sandwich. The cream is in the middle of the cookie. The experience is in the middle of life. So is the impact. So is theĀ opportunity to make a difference.

If your focus is solely on the ending you are surely missing something in the middle. God has placed us all in a certain place, in a certain role, with a certain purpose. The work he’s called us to do is in the middle, between the beginning and the end. Relish the opportunity. Slow down and do the work.

Quit staring at the clock, wishing the time away. Start looking at the opportunities you have to make a difference…to love and serve. They’re not at the end of it all. They’re in the middle…exactly where God’s placed you. Whatever you do, don’t miss that!

Seize the day.

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