Saying “Thank You!”

by Lee Buford on April 4, 2011

When was the last time you said “Thank You” to someone? When was the last time you said “Thank You” to someone in writing?

I’ve received a couple of hand-written “Thank You” notes recently, and they really made me think. They mean a lot, and I appreciate the time someone is willing to invest to tell me they appreciate me or something I did. We all do…it’s in our wiring.

Unfortunately we don’t take the time to write such notes very often. At least, most of us don’t. We should. A hand-written “Thank You” note requires an investment most of us are not willing to make in the internet era. It requires time. It’s far easier (faster) to send an email, a text, or drop a post on somebody’s Facebook wall. Why? We’re already there. All it requires is the click of a few keys and it’s done.

Simply clicking keys is about as impersonal as you can get. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but when is “better than nothing” our standard for anything, especially appreciation?

Writing a note requires more of you and me. It necessitates that we have a card, paper, pen, envelope, postage, etc…it requires that we have a desire to spend the extra time to say we appreciate something. It requires that we really, actually appreciate someone, or something, as much as we think or say. It requires that we really care…on a deeper level.

Think about this in your own life. What impact has a personal, hand-written note had on you? More importantly, what impact would such a note have on someone you know?

Most importantly, who will you send one to this week?


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