Reflecting on Him

by Lee Buford on August 15, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy having some time to sit down on a Sunday evening and reflect on things. Don’t get me wrong, I reflect on things daily…but Sundays are a bit different for me.

Though technically the first day of the week, Sunday is a divider of sorts for me…a bridge between last week and the one ahead. I’m thinking through things that have happened over the past few days and things that are going to happen in the days ahead. Family, work, and church are top of mind. What do I want to get accomplished this week? What do I have to get accomplished this week?

Activities, meetings, and “stuff” abound. There’s always lots to be done. But what about God Himself? Where do I prioritize Him in all that? I’d say first, of course…most of us would. But do our actions back that up? Am I walking the talk? This is where, for me, Sunday evening times of reflection are priceless.

I enjoy reflecting on the teaching from that morning’s sermon. Such reflection usually sparks a series of questions that keeps my mind occupied for as long as able to wrestle with each. Here are a five that consistently challenge me:

  • What did God speak to me about today?
  • What is He trying to get me to understand?
  • What is He challenging me to do?
  • How is this applicable to my current situation?
  • How should this impact and/or change my future thoughts and actions?

I find that such questions keep me focused on Him. I’m not always as focused I’d like to be, but this time sure helps me address and plan for things that will help me be more focused in the days to come.

Focused on Him. Not work. Not others. Not even church. Just Him!

How do you stay focused?

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