Opinions Vary…and That’s a Good Thing!

by Lee Buford on May 26, 2010

There are lots of opinions on opinions. Everybody’s got one, right?

But all too often we downplay the significance of good opinions, or more appropriately what I’ll refer to as better perspectives or sound advice. Good opinions have the tendency to fill voids, elevate performance, and improve capacity…in organizations and individuals alike.

Opinions should be valued, with a few key criteria. Here are five I always try to consider:

  • Is the source (person) of the opinion trustworthy and reliable?
  • Do the person’s values and/or objectives align with mine?
  • Is the opinion relative to the question or challenge at hand?
  • Is the opinion constructive or value-added?
  • Is the opinion (or advice therein) executable?

There is infinite value in true wisdom, but only if we are willing to listen and utilize what we learn. We can gain additional perspective, learn from others’ mistakes, and capitalize on their successes. But in order to do so, we must also be willing to receive it with good intention and proper motive. We must welcome and encourage those around us to share…to create environment where folks want to be part of the solution.

Do you value the opinions of others? If not, how can you be more intentional about creating an environment which encourages and fosters the sharing of good ideas and opinions?

Remember, none of us has all the answers, but chances are someone nearby just may have the one you’re looking for right now. Will they be willing to share it with you?

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