Nobody Needs Your Opinion

by Lee Buford on February 25, 2011

That sounds a bit harsh in today’s society, I agree, but consider with me for a moment that our contentment to simply exist in a world of political correctness is the worst thing we could be doing for ourselves and others.

Across our landscape, on television, in the media, in the classroom, and in the boardroom, we have been bombarded with pleas for cultural and spiritual mediocrity. We are continually taught that everyone should have a say, everyone’s opinion counts, and we all should strive for equality and peace amongst ourselves. Nonsense!

God and His Word, the Bible, are the authorities to which we are ultimately held accountable. The Bible is the method and manner by which He has chosen to teach and make disciples of those of us who profess Him as Lord and Savior. As such, our interpretation of the Bible means little (nothing, in fact) if it’s not in alignment with what God actually meant for us to see in any given part, passage, or book. In fact, if we choose to go with our own interpretation of God’s Word, we are then placing ourselves in the rightful position of God. Augustine said it this way,

“If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.”

It’s fairly rare to hear someone outright disagree with the Bible, at least in terms of word and outward expression, especially amongst Christians and “church-goers”. People don’t generally come out and say, “I agree with most of it, but I think God was wrong on this part.” No, the preferred method of today is to simply ignore or skip over the parts of the Bible that are a bit uncomfortable, challenging, or convicting. We like to focus on the “good” parts…the love, grace, and mercy with which “God wants all His children to experience a life of happiness and success.” Though it may seem a bit better disguised, this is nothing less than rejection of the Word of God. And it’s idolatry in its truest fashion…me as my own god.

Any wrong opinion, interpretation, or “glossing over” of the Scriptures is rejecting the Bible and God’s ultimate authority as Lord over our lives. Stephen Rutland wrote a great piece that you should read on “Sola Scriptura,” and the authority of the Bible. Therein, he reminds us that we do not worship scripture. We worship God. And to appropriately worship God we must humbly submit our lives to His Word, authority, and lordship.

Think about this the next time you’re in a conversation about the Bible or about what a specific verse or passage means. The question is not, “What does this mean to you?” The question is, “What does it mean to God, and what was He saying to me?”

Nobody needs your opinion (or mine). What we all need is God’s divine revelation through His Word, accurately interpreted, understood, and applied in the lives of His disciples.

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