Most Resolutions Fail Because of You

by Lee Buford on January 2, 2012

Most resolutions fail…New Year’s or otherwise. Why? Perhaps there have been some contributing factors outside of your control. Perhaps you didn’t know how hard it would be to actually keep a said resolution, or you just weren’t aware of the time commitment. There are a million excuses and we’ve already used them all.

The fact is most resolutions fail because of you (and me). We are own worst enemies when it comes to following through on anything. We’re not as resolved to see it through as we think. And often when we are fully resolved we realize that we aren’t up to the task at hand.

As a Christian it’s important to realize that our resolutions must start and end with God, His will, and His glory. Only in and by His power are we capable of completing any worthwhile resolution, and without it we are doomed from the start. Yesterday, my pastor preached one of the best sermons on this topic I’ve ever heard, and I encourage you to go listen to it. I trust that you’ll come away with a solid framework that will allow you to honor and glorify God and, at the same time, increase the likelihood of actually keeping those resolutions you’ve struggled so hard to keep.

Resolve this year to make the right changes. Resolve that your actions will be acts of worship to King Jesus. Resolve that you will trust Him for the results.

Otherwise you’re going to have the same failures you’ve had in the past. Yes, the calendar has flipped to 2012, but you’re still your own worst enemy. And most resolutions fail because of you.



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