Life Is Radically Not Fair…In Your Favor

by Lee Buford on April 4, 2010

Today has been nothing short of outstanding! In fact the entire weekend has been a tremendous blessing in service and worship, and I am grateful for God’s faithfulness to His church and His children.

I had the opportunity, along with volunteers from several area churches, to support Radiant Church and Pastor Ricky Motes as they held their first annual Egg Drop to love and serve the folks in their community on Saturday. The team at Radiant had been praying for 500 adults and children to show up, and final calculations show around 1,000 people actually participated. WOW! What a blessing!

And that was only the beginning…

Easter Sunday is always special, but today marked the first Easter we had the opportunity to gather with brothers and sisters as Renewal Church, and only our third service since our “official” launch.

Pastor Matt Rogers delivered one of the best Easter sermons I have heard, and it all centered on one verse: 2 Corinthians 5:21.

One verse. One message. One hope. One Savior!


For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
                                                                              – 2 Corinthians 5:21 – ESV


We had a great time of teaching and study around this verse and the remarkable gift of life that is the gospel. In addition we had the opportunity to receive communion and worship our risen King in song and prayer. I was reminded repeatedly just how good my God is…ALWAYS!

One particular comment Pastor Matt made really stuck with me, and I hope you will have the same take-away that I did. In mentioning our propensity to look at, and oppose, many things we experience as “unfair”, he said the following in reference to what Jesus did for us on the cross:

“Life is radically not fair…IN YOUR FAVOR!”

Indeed, this is not fair! I am not deserving of this. I am unworthy. And I stand in awe that such a gift of love and grace would ever be bestowed upon me. For He who knew no sin, to become sin and pay the penalty for my sin is incomprehensible to say the least. This is a life-giving, life-altering substitution that could only have been carried out by the One of who did it…Jesus Christ.

Share this news. Share this story. Share the gospel.

Not just today, not just on Easter, but EVERY DAY…every day we praise and thank our King for the gift of eternal life and the right to be, in Jesus, called ‘the righteousness of God.”



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