Leadership: A Look in the Mirror

by Lee Buford on February 1, 2011

The topic of leadership can be somewhat glamorous and trendy, at least when things are good. If you’re the person in charge, and things are going well, others are quick to rave about your ability to lead. If things are going south…well, you can expect the opposite.

What’s important is how you, as a leader, understand your role and the circumstances around you. More importantly, what matters is that you take the responsibility for the outcome…you own it!

If things are going according to the vision, plan, and timetable you’ve cast for your organization you can and should be looking to the future. What’s next? If things are not going as planned you can and should be looking in the mirror. What’s wrong? What’s happened to derail the train? In what ways have I failed as a leader?

In reality leading is not usually glamorous or fun…it can be downright hard and discouraging. But rest assured, in the vast majority of cases, our businesses, schools, groups, and churches are going exactly where they are being led. Why? People follow. They want to follow. They go where you take them, they focus on what you focus on, and they become what you model.

Sure, there are circumstances beyond everyone’s control in most cases, but those are just excuses. Excuses won’t right the ship. A leader who’s willing to look in the mirror, accept responsibility, address his own shortcomings, and choose a better path for his team will right the ship. It’s the only way.

Are you that kind of leader?

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