Key Questions

by Lee Buford on October 20, 2010

Differing opinions and viewpoints are incredible blessings at times. Assuming they are well-intentioned and well-delivered, challenging questions and opposing viewpoints can draw people closer together. More importantly, in the context of Christian community, they can bring you closer to God.

I thought about this in great detail following our small-group gathering this week. We get together weekly to share in a sweet time of fellowship, Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Our study and discussion always leads to questions, and the questions lead to answers (or to further study at least). And while we never go to the point of being confrontational, we are willing to prod, challenge, and seek answers from one another.

I absolutely love and treasure this dynamic of our relationships as believers and friends!

Two key things happen when we dive into discussion and debate on any given topic or issue:

  • We learn truths about God and His Word that we may not have previously known.
  • We become more confident in the foundations of the truths we did know.

In either case it forces us back to the Bible, to God himself for the truth. Both of these enable us to grow and mature in our faith. They produce a sincere boldness and confidence in our faith, a deep-rooted trust in one another and in the Word of God.

Cherish key questions and differing opinions in these type settings. If they force us back to God, and to our knees in prayer, we are all better for the experience. Embrace the opportunity to go deeper, to explore, and to seek truth.

It’s a blessing of true biblical community and a gift to be treasured along the path of sanctification, and it’s crucial to the pursuit of making disciples.

Key questions always point us back to God…He is always the answer.

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