It Takes Courage

by Lee Buford on September 22, 2012

It takes courage to do a lot of things; especially the difficult, unpopular, and against-the-grain things we all face at some point or another in life. For the Christian, courage is a necessity … a requirement for the fulfillment of the purposes to which we’ve been called.

  • It takes courage to admit your own sin, depravity, and brokenness.
  • It takes courage to seek the counsel of wise brothers and sisters.
  • It takes courage to stand up in front of a crowd and share your testimony.
  • It takes courage to commit yourself to the faithful transparency of genuine, biblical community and accountability.
  • It takes courage to rightly receive loving admonishment and correction.
  • It takes courage to stand for Christ when everyone around you is standing for everything but Christ.
  • It takes courage to forgive, to love, and to ‘do life’ with others.
  • It takes courage to go against your own sinful passions, desires, and pride.
  • It takes courage to …

There are so many more we could add … so many legitimate, trying, gut-wrenching moments in life where courage is one of our greatest necessities.

The bad news is that, in our own strength, not one of us is capable of this type of courage. The good news is that He is. In Christ, we find the courage to follow, to stand, to worship, and to persevere. In His strength, we have the ability to be courageous … abundantly courageous!

Running away, hiding, and trying to avoid the conflict is easy. That’s why most people ultimately choose that route. But it’s a bad choice, a cowardly choice … a destructive choice to make. Choose courage instead. It is possible, no matter the situation.

This is Paul’s reminder to the Philippians when he writes, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13). In His strength we are strong, we are capable, and we can be courageous to stand in the most difficult of times.

Jump in with both feet. Stand strong. Commit. Worship. Share the gospel. Be transparent with others. Be accountable. Love and serve. For His glory … be willing to risk it all.

It takes courage. And, in Him, courage you will find.


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