In the Beginning, God…

by Lee Buford on February 15, 2011

Everything has a beginning. Everything has an origin, a root, or a starting point from which all subsequent things are derived. Sounds simple enough, but how often do we stop and think about the beginning?

It’s often when things are not going as planned. We’ve got to get back to the basics, focus on the fundamentals, or go back to the drawing board. We do this to get answers or to see where we veered off path. We do this in an attempt to erase the bad, the mistakes, and the questions. We do it to get a fresh start. We do it because we want a better ending.

At other times we look to the beginning with fondness, for nostalgic purposes, or to find the root seed of something successful. We want to recapture the fire and passion with which something was created or established. We want to trace the origins of something good, and we want to remember, cherish, and repeat the things that have worked well or brought us much happiness. We want to duplicate or ensure a desirable ending.

No matter the situation, example, or circumstance, knowing and understanding the beginning can have a tremendous effect on the end result. In fact, in many cases, the rest of the story just doesn’t make much sense without a foundational grasp of the beginning. For those of us who profess to be followers of Christ, nowhere is this more evident than in the Bible.

The first four words in the Bible, the first four words in the book of Genesis, are:

In the beginning, God…

Yes, in the beginning, God… In other words God was there at the beginning. He was the beginning, and all other things flow from and follow Him. He started it all, and He started it all with a plan and purpose for which everything thereafter would occur. He started it all according to His own purposes, for His own good pleasure.

If our understanding of God, of our Christian walk, of our daily lives, and of everything that happens is rooted in the understanding of this one truth, we are far more likely to get the rest of the story. We are far more likely to stand strong in turbulent times…far more likely to trust rather than doubt. We are far more likely to remain steadfast in our pursuit of holiness, in our efforts to love and serve one another, and in our efforts to go and make disciples. We can rest assured of our faith, with full confidence in the ending, because we’ve placed our trust in the One who was the beginning.

Take some time to look back, to reflect, and to rejoice in the beginning and in the One who was already there. Remind yourself of these four words from time to time, especially when things seem unclear and uncertain. Go back and look at these four words, the beginning of all other beginnings:

In the beginning, God…


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Terry February 16, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Good Word! So true!

Reminds me of when God spoke through the prophet Isaiah in Is. 46 10 and says, Declaring the end from the beginning. I like The Message Bible paraphrase there, it says, From the very beginning telling you what the ending will be, All along letting you in on what is going to happen, Assuring you, ‘I’m in this for the long haul, I’ll do exactly what I set out to do,’

Thanks for the reminder today Lee!



Lee Buford February 16, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Thanks, Terry! That’s a great reference from Isaiah as well. It all helps me to remember that He was the beginning, knew the ending, and is sovereign over all in between.


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