He is Risen. Indeed…He is Risen!

by Lee Buford on April 9, 2012

He is risen. Indeed…He is risen!

For many, yesterday’s Easter celebrations were filled with jubilation, thanksgiving, and praise. There were sweet times of worship, tears of joy, and prayers of repentance. There were commitments made and lives changed. We give God the glory for the many ways He used Easter Sunday to draw the lost to Himself, to give life to the dead, and to reconcile a dying world to the one, holy God of the universe.

But what now?

That was yesterday, and with today comes a new week, a new set of circumstances, a new reality. For many the tendency is to exhale…to come down from the emotional mountaintop that was Easter Sunday. Many will still praise His name today, thankful for His saving grace in their lives. Others won’t, and therein lies a warning for all of us.

Yesterday’s acknowledgement, worship, and praise of our risen, living, Lord and Savior was just that…a day to acknowledge, worship, and praise Him. But today is no different. Niether will tomorrow be, or was last Tuesday. Every day is a day to celebrate what we come together to celebrate on Easter Sunday.

He is risen. He is Lord. He is the sovereign, King of the Universe. For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36)

For those who believe, Easter anything but a one-day celebration on the calendar each year. It necessitates an obedient response every day thereafter. His life, death, burial, and resurrection necessitate that we worship Him, that we go and tell others, and that we make disciples in His name. It demands that we celebrate Easter every day of the year!

Let us not stop and exhale. Let us not lose the joy and amazement we felt yesterday. Let us not cease from prayer and the praising of His good name. And let us not be complacent or neglectful, failing to tell others of the great news of Jesus. No, rather let’s celebrate Easter again today. And tomorrow. And every day going forward.

Let us worship and praise Him. Let us go and tell. Indeed…He is risen. To God be the glory!



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