He Is My King

by Lee Buford on April 2, 2010

As we begin Easter weekend there are so many thoughts running through my head, yet, at the same time, I am speechless.

I am amazed. I am thankful. I am in awe. I am forgiven.

For Christians around the world Easter is the story of our hope and the justification of our faith…the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the gospel, and we should shout it from the roof tops, especially this weekend!

Pastor James MacDonald describes it this way: “The gospel can be summarized in four words – Jesus In My Place.”

In MY place, in YOUR place, in OUR places, for our sins…He Who was without sin suffered the ultimate death to redeem a lost and dying world. And for that reason I call Him “King”. I call Him “Lord and Savior.” He is worth my life!

Many of you have probably seen this video, but it is certainly worth another look if you have. It never gets old to me, especially this weekend.

Indeed…”THAT’S MY KING!”

I am praying that He is glorified and exalted in the proper way this Easter, and that hearts and lives would be changed as a result of this message.

Make it your mission to invite people to church this weekend! Give them the opportunity to hear the story. If we aren’t motivated to invite people to church this weekend we never will be!

This is the story of our hope…the story of our King! Share it!

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