Fixing Others is Not Possible

by Lee Buford on May 29, 2012

One of the most prevalent traps we fall into is the belief that we can change those around us. We’re quick to see and point out the brokenness and inadequacies of others, yet hesitant to admit or acknowledge our own shortcomings. As a result we begin to believe, in our “better” state of being, that we can and should “fix” others.

Not only is such thinking arrogant and prideful, it’s also warped and broken. It’s not biblical. While it is possible to have a positive influence on others, it’s not possible for you and me to “fix” others.

As Christians we are commanded to go make disciples. We are encouraged (and rightfully so) to get real with others in small groups and Bible studies, striving for greater intimacy and transparency. We know that we are to lead by example, to encourage, and to love one another. We are to pray for one another, call out sin to one another, and even admonish one another at appropriate times. In the process, all of this may have a positive influence on others, ultimately aiding in what we’d like to refer to as “fixing” them.

But make no mistake…we aren’t fixing anybody. Not even ourselves.

Only God is capable of that. Only by the work of the Holy Spirit are hearts changed, and only as a result of such change will someone be “made new” in the true, biblical sense. Only by the ordained hand of God will any of us be “fixed.”

We’ve all been there at one point or another, desiring to “help” in the change process. Don’t be discouraged. Continue to encourage, challenge, uplift, and even admonish. God uses our efforts in such situations for His glory in the lives of others. But know the real deal… He is the only one who’s doing the “fixing.”

For you and me, fixing others is not possible.


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