Finish Well

by Lee Buford on October 10, 2010

Football season always reminds me, on a weekly basis, about the importance of the finish. It’s not just the finish itself, relative to the final score, that matters. It’s about the finish relative to the preparation you’ve put in, what you’re willing to sacrifice, and the desire with which you execute, or not.

Preparation is important. Intensity is crucial. Desire is mandatory. A whole lot of “want to” wins out over better talent most any day.

Great teams and players leave it all on the field, and they do so until the final whistle blows. Many a team has won the proverbial statistical battle only to lose on the scoreboard in the end. What’s left is a bunch of numbers and an unfulfilling sense of “coulda, shoulda woulda.”

We’ve all been there, and we’ll all be there again. Maybe it’s that sale you didn’t close or the book you didn’t finish. Maybe it’s the call you didn’t make or the words you never said. Whatever the case, you got all the way to crunch time and couldn’t close the deal. Or just didn’t, even when you could have.

If there’s time left on the clock you aren’t finished. (And if you’re reading this there’s time left on the clock.) You haven’t won it yet, but you haven’t lost it either. Now’s the time to finish the deal!

Focus on the mission. Commit to the plan. Finish well!

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