Clarity is Key

by Lee Buford on November 11, 2010

Clarity is most often the missing link in good communication. Sure, other factors such as tone, delivery, and method are crucial as well, but none of those mean much if we can’t clearly get our message across to those we want to hear it.

We see it in emails. We see it in advertising and marketing. We see it in the responses of our audiences, teams, and congregations. We even see it in the behavior of our children.

Achieving the desired outcome, unless you just happen to get lucky, will not happen without effective, clear communication.

So what’s the point? Well, that’s the question…and the point. What is your point and can you convey that to me and others in a clear, concise manner? What exactly are you intending to say?

That’s got to be first on your agenda. You can have the best idea, solution, or deal on the planet but, if you can’t get me to see it as such, I’m not in. I’m not buying, and neither is anybody else.

Of course then there’s motivation, incentive, and a host of other things necessary to get me to ultimately respond or act. But if I don’t know what you’re asking me to do, the method, manner, and motivation by which you ask is useless.

Know your purpose, know your point, and make it.

Communicate with clarity.

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