Be the Season!

by Lee Buford on December 23, 2010

It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here. There is so much yet to be done, right?

Maybe not…maybe you are the proactive one who’s gotten all the shopping done, all the plans made, and now you’re just sitting  back waiting on Santa. If so, or even if you’ve still got some things to wrap up, I have an idea for you:

Be the season!

Be the season? Yes, BE the season. We always talk about the Christmas spirit and how everyone is (should be) filled with a unique joy this time of year. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and nice, to love one another, and spread good cheer. And you and I have a great opportunity over the next couple of days. We can make a major impact in the lives others this year by doing just that…by spreading the joy of the season.

Many are out shopping, fighting the traffic, running to and fro. Many are struggling with financial problems, the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. For many the Christmas season is anything but a time for joy and celebration. Many people are caught up IN the season, but they have no idea WHY we have the season. They are caught up in the shopping and hustling, the commercial side of the holiday, and what they need more than anything is to hear that Christmas has nothing to do with that. They need to hear about love, peace, and hope.

That’s where you and I come in. Here’s the idea…

Go hang out in the mall or around stores where everyone is shopping, bickering, and hustling for last minute gifts. Take some time to walk through your local grocery store. Offer to help with a shopping cart or to carry something for them. Offer to go back to another department in the store and get something for them, or offer to watch their stuff while they do. Ask if you can help or serve them in any way.

Greet people with a smile. Walk around and tell them “Merry Christmas.” Be genuinely interested in helping them find joy in the midst of chaos. Invite them to a Christmas service at your church, or to your next small-group gathering. Love one another. And most importantly, tell them why you’re doing it. Tell them about the Savior who came to die that all might live. Tell them why you’re so excited this time of year. Tell them all about the real meaning of the season.

Don’t just be part of the season…be the season!

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