Are You Using Time or Is Time Using You?

by Lee Buford on June 28, 2010

Time is an interesting concept for many reasons. Everything we do revolves around it, yet we often pay little attention to it outside of its role in keeping our lives on schedule.

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What time is the next meeting? What time do you need to leave to get where you need to be “on time”? What time does your favorite show come on tonight?

The most important question relative to time is one we don’t ask ourselves enough:

How effectively am I using my time?

It is common to hear, “if I only had more time…”, or “there’s just not enough time in the day.” The cold, hard reality of time is that it is consistent throughout our lives. It’s a constant in the measurable universe…everyone gets the same amount, no matter what. You get 168 hours every week, 40,320 minutes every month, and 365 days every year. We all do!

You can’t earn more time. You can’t buy more time. You can’t come up with a new technique or gadget to produce more time.

What you can do is make better use of the time you have.

As with most things in life, better managing time requires committing a degree of it to planning and analysis. Much like balancing a budget it requires planning the expected on the front end and reviewing the actual on the back end. Time is a treasure, a commodity, a resource…and it must be stewarded well if we are to maximize the amount we are given.

How are you using your time? Do you need to re-allocate some things to make better use of your time? When will you start?


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