Are You Prepared to Worship Well?

by Lee Buford on May 15, 2010

Are you prepared to worship well this week? Are you prepared to worship at all?

At some point this weekend, likely Saturday or Sunday, millions around the globe will gather in various locations to “do church.” It is our weekly gathering as Christians, our weekly opportunity to get together, worship, serve, and sit under the teaching of respective pastors who have been called by God to shepherd the flocks.

Sadly, in many cases, this is the only time this week that many Christians will gather, worship, or even pick up their copy of the Scriptures. It’s a tradition…an obligation to go, to congregate, and to be seen by others. And, even more sadly, folks who engage their faith and their Lord in such a manner, have a gross misconception that somehow God will be pleased at their effort, proud to see that they’ve made it a priority to be there.

No, to the contrary, we have a responsibility to be prepared for our gatherings and church services, and then to actively participate when we get there. Yes, that’s you and me, and it’s time we made it a priority to do so.

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, – Hebrews 12:28 – ESV

While there are many things you could add to the list, I’m challenging you to prepare in three ways:

  • Pray – Pray for a mighty moving of the Spirit. Pray that God will draw people to hear the good news of the gospel. Pray for those who will attend and for your brothers and sisters who may be unable to attend. Pray for your pastors, staff, elders, and volunteers. Pray that God would be glorified in all that is said and done in and through that gathering. Pray that folks would be obedient to what God speaks to them. And pray that God would prepare your heart to worship well and hear exactly the message He has planned for you.
  • Prepare Yourself – If you know what text your pastor is teaching from take time to read and study beforehand. This will give you a good background understanding and working knowledge of the text, enabling you to focus more intently on the teaching you will receive. God speaks through His Word, and He does so every time you read from it, not only on Sundays!
  • Participate – Be prepared to worship, engage, and actively participate in the service. God expects this from us. Too many folks attend to be “fed”, and that’s only a small part of the deal. Rest assured, God has something “in it for you,” and we are commanded to worship, praise, and glorify Him in the proper manner. Praise and worship Him through song, greet others and fellowship with your brothers and sisters, and love and serve them by volunteering in a ministry for which you were specially gifted by the Creator Himself.

Finally, remember this: go EXPECTING God to do something BIG! He is a faithful God of promise, and too often we show up without great anticipation and expectation of what He has planned in and through our lives. Believe it…He is faithful!

In all of these we must remember…it IS all about HIM! To Him be the glory!


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