Are You Making Progress or Excuses?

by Lee Buford on March 24, 2011

You can make progress or excuses, but not both.

Think about it. Progress is synonymous with success, improvement, and accomplishment. Progress is about change, and it necessitates movement in a positive direction. Excuses, by definition, are our justifications for our failures. We use them to relinquish ourselves of any responsibility for why something didn’t work or go according to plan.

Progress is good. Excuses are bad.

By our prideful natures we boast in accomplishment. We gladly acknowledge and take credit for progress. Progress is good, and therefore there’s no reason to make excuses for why it’s bad or for something that’s gone array. And while we’ll gladly accept the credit for success, we’ll do anything to deflect the blame for failure. We’ve got an excuse for everything.

But nothing has ever been built on excuses. Nobody’s ever achieved anything as a result of excuses. And we’re not going to either.

Success in anything is the result of progress. Progress is where it’s at, and progress is ultimately where we want to go. Progress must be our focus, not excuses.

Are you making progress or excuses?

You can make one or the other, but not both.

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